Garo Sassouni on Bolshevik Lies and Disinformation – Armenia, February 1921

Garo Sassouni on Bolshevik Lies and DisinformationSince 1920, nothing has stopped the Soviet Union expansionist in its essence from seizing the independent states of the Southern Caucasus.

Garo Sassouni (Կարո Սասունի), internal affairs manager of the Committee for the Salvation of the Fatherland formed on February 18, 1921, in his memoirs presents noteworthy data on how the Bolsheviks spread false information and created the myth that the newly-established Soviet Armenia had declared war on the independent Georgian republic.

“The Committee for the Salvation of the Fatherland through its chairman (Simon Vratsian) announced to the world by radio that there had been a coup in Armenia and described the monstrous violence that had taken place during the Bolshevik regime.

The Georgian authorities were also immediately informed of the coup by the committee. From the Georgian side, the question was raised whether the current government of Armenia was a supporter of the war with Georgia.

The Rescue Committee responded that Armenia had never declared war on Georgia, that this was a secret move of the Bolsheviks, that until that time, the Armenian people hadn’t known about the war, and that Georgia could completely trust our friendship and support.

Georgia and Armenia agreed to abandon their border disputes and, as allies, resist the Russian invasion together. During these days, Georgia opposed the Red Army approaching Tiflis; therefore, the revolution in Armenia and its subsequent resistance greatly contributed to the self-defense of Georgia.

Armenia and Georgia at this most important time when the northern bear wanted to crush them were close friends, even allies. After some time, Georgia, however, was occupied by the Red Army. Little Armenia was left completely alone against Russia, next to neighboring Turkey and Persia. In addition, Armenia was cut off from the whole world.”

Ruben Shukhyan

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