In Historical Armenia Discovered an Armenian Church

The Turks Discovered an Armenian Church in Historical Armenia In the territory of modern Turkey, archaeologists discovered an ancient Armenian church and a reservoir located in the territory of the historical fortress Bayburt (Armenian name: “Baberd”,

According to the Armenian “Haytert” newspaper, the governor of the province Ali Amza Pelivan noted that more than 150 artifacts had been discovered in the territory of the fortress. Some of them will be studied and transferred to the museum, while the rest will be inventoried.

The governor also stressed that the Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs had ruled the territory of Bayburt, but he never mentioned that the territory had historically belonged to Armenians.

Bayburt was a part of the western Sirt Province, a historical Armenian land. Bayburt is located on the right bank of the Chorokh River in about 120 km from the historical area of Karin (Erzurum). In 1915, Bayburt was inhabited by 30,000 people, of whom 10,000 were Armenians.

The local historical fortress situated to the north of the city of the same name is now dilapidated.

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