On The Legal Assessment Of The Criminal Moscow Treaty

The issue of Nakhijevan has already become a major task for our country. Due to this, we must, first of all, achieve an official legal assessment of the criminal Russian-Turkish Moscow Treaty of 1921.

Then, at the legislative level, we need to recognize Armenia as the legal successor of the First Independent Republic of Armenia (1918-1921), when Nakhijevan was internationally recognized as an inseparable part of Armenia.

Look at the map. The Nakhijevan region is located in the very heart of our country and together with Vayots Dzor, Syunik, and Artsakh makes it whole.

In 1921, a crime was committed against Armenia, which must be spoken about loudly. Otherwise, the very existence of an independent Armenian state will be endangered.

The recent entry of the Turkish occupation army into Nakhijevan and the demonstration parade in the city of the same name are telling proof that Turkey will do everything to reaffirm the anti-Armenian criminal Moscow Treaty of 1921.

It is no longer possible to pursue an ostrich policy, thereby maintaining uncertainty on this issue. Even more so against the background of existing geopolitical challenges, which must be answered and prevented in a timely manner, and decisions favorable to our interests must be made.

Ruben Shukhyan

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