Soghomon Tehlirian – One Of The Great Sons Of The Armenian People

Soghomon Tehlirianis one of the Great Sons of the Armenian people. He committed retaliation for the Armenian Genocide by assassinating one of its perpetrators, Talaat Pasha.

Avetik Isahakyan assisted Tehlirian in this retribution. If Soghomon did not succeed, Avetik was ready to destroy the criminal himself.

But the assistance of Avetik Isahakyan turned out to be unnecessary. Soghomon assassinated the enemy of the Armenian people with one shot. Subsequently, the German court acquitted him of this action.

As media would later write: “Before the eyes of S. Teyliryan appeared an ominous image of Talaat whose smug and unpleasant face he had first seen in Van. Soghomon wrote about Talaat, ‘I wish to tie a rope around his neck and drag him like a dog to the cemetery station he had organized and make him bleed before the innocent victims.’”

Ավետիք Իսահակյան. Կյանք և ստեղծագործություններ. Գրքամոլ Ակումբ

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