The Number of Armenian Volunteers During the Russian-Turkish War of 1877–1878

The Number of Armenian VolunteersAccording to various sources, an estimated 250 thousands of Armenian volunteers took part in the Russian-Turkish War of 1877–1878 on the Caucasian front as a part of the regular army. More than 40 thousand directly participated in the war on the Caucasian front as a part of the army. The total number of soldiers on this front was 75 thousand.

In the war of 1877–1878, the Alexandropol, Akhaltsikhe, and Zakatala irregular cavalry regiments consisted entirely of Armenians. In addition, Armenians were part of the Georgian nobleman regiment, as well as the Borchali hundred, the Elisabethpol regiment, and the noble divisions of Erivan and Baku.

Armenians were also in the ranks of the higher officers: corps commander and cavalry general M. Loris-Melikov; the initiator and organizer of the famous assault on the fortress of Kars on the night of 5-6 November, 1877, Lieutenant-General I. Lazarev; Chief of the Erivan Detachment Lieutenant General A. Ter-Gukasov; Major General B. Shelkovnikov; Y. Alkhazov; I. Loris-Melikov; and N. Denibekov.

  1. Nersisyan notes that 7 Armenian generals and, according to incomplete data, more than 500 officers took part in the war, of whom 70 people were killed and wounded.

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