Monuments Forgotten in the Forests of Armenia (Video)

Monuments Forgotten in the Forests of Armenia (Video)The “Forgotten in the forests of Armenia” video clip is beautiful yet painfully short. It is a pity that dozens of monasteries have been abandoned deep in Armenia. But it is unbelievable that they are actually forgotten as certain governmental structures do know about their existence.

Probably, those buildings have been left unsupervised due to short-sightedness or maybe some material benefits sought by the “entrepreneurs” in the government. The only hope is that tourism will force the authorities and local organizations to finally invest into bringing the ancient ruins to an acceptable state.

But the immorality is not the only reason for the desertion of old structures. Some of the cultural and religious buildings are objectively extremely hard-to-reach. Others are placed deep in the forests.

On the other hand, those officials and businessmen would probably just desert entire forests for their new plans under the pretense of restoring ancient monasteries and fortresses. So maybe it is actually not that bad that the architectural heritage of Armenia is forgotten in the forests.

Forgotten in the forests of Armenia  PeopleOfAr

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