Previously Unseen Images of Ani

Previously Unseen Images of AniIn Armenia, it is forbidden (by the Russian border troops) to take photographs of Ani from the Armenian side of the border.

It is also prohibited to photograph two 3D models of Ani in Yerevan – the three-dimensional model of the ruins of Ani, which is on display at the History Museum of Armenia, and a drawing depicting Ani in its peak state.

Nevertheless, one person managed to make these photos in the museum. The history of this large and detailed drawing as well as its author are unknown.

Perhaps, it was created in connection with the 1000th anniversary of the Cathedral of Ani as the drawing appeared on the design of the Armenian postage stamp issued for this event. During its heyday, the city had a population of at least 100 thousand people and was known as the city of 1001 churches.


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