Forgotten Melodies And Modern Technology

Forgotten Melodies And Modern TechnologyAt the time, appearance of CDs was a shock for music industry, not only for musicians, but for music listeners as well. Being just an image of the sounding of vinyl records, compact disks featured much more poor quality of music. The difference was even more obvious in case of classical music.

The inequality between CDs and vinyl records even lead to some confusions. Famous rock band Led Zeppelin initiated lawsuit after their compositions got recorded on CD. Initially members of the band concluded that the reason for the poor quality of the sound was the usage of unedited music of theirs. Later it turned out that the actual reasons were the limitations of the CD format.

But people got used to the quality of compact discs. Electronic devices have changed and, more importantly, have become more compact. Eventually, quality lost its positions to convenience. Back then you would need pricey and large hardware to listen to vinyl records.

Nowadays you don’t even need CDs or dedicated MP3 players, as smartphones have the capacity to act as music players and hold thousands of music without taking much space.

Lately, increase of sales of vinyl records by 60% gave a start to a tendency of the return of the “old” technology. That tendency lead to an interesting tandem of old preferences and new tech, a device named LOVE.

LOVE consists of a round, flat foundation with a rotating reader on it. The device is equipped with sensors capable of instantaneously detecting the size of the inserted vinyl and the number of music tracks recorded on it.

Playback can be managed with means of software available on smartphones. LOVE supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, allowing it to work with large variety of modern sound systems and devices.

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