The Shaki Waterfall and Its Legend

The Shaki Waterfall and Its LegendThe Shaki (Շաքի) River is a modest influx of the tempestuous Vorotan (Որոտան) river, which forms a waterfall with its own amazing beauty.

According to a legend, the waterfall got its name in honor of the beautiful Shaki who jumped from a high cliff, not wanting to submit to the violence from one of the conquerors. During the fall, girl’s long dress opened from the wind and turned into a waterfall, which was later called the Shaki waterfall.

Shaki waterfall (Շաքիի ջրվեժ) is a deep canyon, the slopes of which are full of grottoes and rock niches. The energy of the Shaki River in this place is very strong as the sea of sparkling splashes absorbs the voices of people and almost all the sounds of the surrounding nature.

In ancient times, this place had its own population. Nearby, archaeologists have discovered a large settlement belonging to ancient people, including stone tools as well as remains of ashes.

The 18-meter waterfall perfectly harmonizes with the appearance of the Paleolithic caves located not too far.

According to historians, it was in this place that the development of mankind took place with unprecedented speed. The territory of the Shaki waterfall is considered an “archeological pantry” because there are several unique grottoes in this area, where primitive people once lived.

Harmony of the treasury of human history and natural greatness like a magnet attracts travelers from all over the world. It is not surprising that almost all sightseeing tours in Armenia include a visit to the Shaki waterfall, which is one of the places considered the cradle of humanity.

Shaki waterfall | Շաքիի ջրվեժ

Shaki Waterfall From Above – Շաքիի ջրվեժ, Հայաստան

Водопад Шаки (Շաքիի ջրվեժ/Shaki Waterfall)

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