Ancient Temple of Mithra Discovered in Historical Armenia

Ancient Temple of Mithra

In the Turkish province of Diyarbakir (in historical Western Armenia), scientists discovered a unique underground temple dedicated to the ancient deity Mithra. The structure is estimated to have an age of 1,700 years.

According to the Turkish “Hurriyet”, the temple was discovered near the historic Zerzevan castle during archaeological excavations conducted by the staff of the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism since 2014.

During the excavations, an underground temple called Mithraeum, as well as a water channel, water collecting wells, secret passages, and shelters were discovered.

Mithraism was widespread in the pre-Christian Roman Empire. In addition, Mithra was revered by many other nations, including Armenians. Armenian King Trdat, addressing Emperor Nero (1st century AD), mentioned that he honored Mithra. Mithra is also one of the most frequently mentioned heroes in Armenian mythology.

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