Armenian Surb Khach Church Claimed to be Turkish

Armenian Surb Khach Church Claimed to be TurkishThe representatives of a Turkish public organization called “Fight against Armenian groundless allegations” recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that Armenian tourists visit the Surb Khach (Saint Cross) Church on the Akhdamar Island in Lake Van,  (now in Turkey).

“Haberturk” cited the chairman of the organization Goksel Gyulbey: “The Armenians brought the flags of Armenia and of the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and behaved aggressively. They turned Van into Armenia.”

He also added that the Surb Khach Church is not an Armenian but a Turkish church. He also blamed Armenia in the occupation of Azerbaijani lands in Karabakh.

It was also reported that tourists from all around the world carrying flags of Armenia were banned from entering the Surb Khach Church. On September 9, the church hosted the first liturgy in 3 years.

The Turkish “Ihlas Haber Ajansı” reported: “In connection with the liturgy on Akdamar Island, security measures were enforced. Tourists with Armenian flags were banned from entering the church. Most of them had to participate in the liturgy from the outside.”

About 3,000 Armenians from around the world arrived in Turkey to take part in the liturgy in the Surb Khach Church.

The Surb Khach Church is an early medieval Armenian monastery built in 915 – 192. On September 19, 2010, the church hosted the first liturgy in 95 years. In the same year, a cross was installed on the church’s dome.

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