Azerbaijani Armed Forces shell villages in Syunik – Armenia

Early this morning the RA Human Rights Defender received alarms that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces started shootings towards Aravus village of the RA Syunik province between 12AM-1AM tonight.

This information was confirmed to the RA Human Rights Defender by villagers, who claimed that targeted shootings had been fired at the positions of Armenia’s Armed Forces.

It is about the exact part of Aravus village, where the Azerbaijani armed forces are located a few hundred meters from the civilian houses. Right in front of them the RA Armed Forces are located, which have the function of protecting the lives and safety of the residents.

According to the facts collected by the Human Rights Defender’s Office, the Azerbaijani shootings stopped after the arrival of the local community bodies, the command of the 1st Army Corps of the Republic of Armenia, the Russian Border Guard Service.

Tonight’s Azerbaijani shootings towards the village of Aravus are criminal, disrupting the normal, peaceful life and security of people.

These facts prove that the presence of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the immediate vicinity of Armenian villages and on the roads between communities violates the right to life. They violate right to property; right to free movement and other vital rights.

It is obvious that rights of people can be ensured only in the conditions of a security zone.

Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan

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