Russia is the Initiator and Moderator of the Large-Scale Aggression and Genocide in Artsakh

The extensive war waged by Baku against Artsakh is accompanied by a dirty propaganda campaign by Russia against Armenia, with the involvement of the security service descendant Peskov, alcoholic Zakharova, and perpetual drunkard Medvedev. The goal of this dirty campaign is singular – to vindicate Russia and lay all blame on Armenia.

The entire dirty campaign is built around the statement of their agent Pashinyan about “recognizing Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan,” “which changed the terms of the trilateral statement and the stay of the Russian contingent.” The disgraceful excuse of the Kremlin’s thuggish regime indicates the true objectives, as the trilateral statement has not been officially revoked, and not a single document has been signed where “Karabakh is recognized as part of Azerbaijan.” Consequently, verbal statements cannot be considered as the basis.

They concocted another vile excuse – Armenia is tilting towards the West, accompanied by Russian and local pro-Russian propagandists. This is part of the mission of their agent Nikola – to create pretexts for the Russians and others.

Yesterday’s statements by the Kremlin’s press secretaries and the Russian Foreign Ministry only confirmed that Baku had informed the Russians about the aggression. Moreover, it will soon be revealed who organized the incident near Tagavard, which Baku used to justify its “special operation.”

All Russian state propaganda is based on the interests and demands of Baku, and Russian state structures have taken on the mission of endorsing Baku’s PR theses, which are used to justify its “special operation.” In particular, that there are units of the Armenian army in Artsakh. Yet, not a word of condemnation addressed to Baku.

It should be added to this the two key statements from the Russian Federation. The only agreement at the Putin-Erdogan meeting on September 4 in Sochi was a conspiracy regarding aggression towards Artsakh and other regions of RA. Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov stated that the Karabakh issue is resolved. Putin stated that ethnic cleansing in Artsakh should be carried out “softly.” The “liberal” segment of the Runet, which is actually affiliated with the Russian special services, articulates the intentions of the RF clearly and without euphemism.

All of this indicates that Russia is the initiator and moderator of the aggression and genocide against Artsakh. Moscow on the ground acts as the operational guarantor of the plan for the abolition of Armenia.

It is important to comprehend the overall picture of what is happening, which looks extremely harsh. The abolition of Armenia for Russia (Lavrov to Fidan) is an existential necessity amid its withdrawal from the Caucasus. Otherwise, Russia itself will disintegrate (Kurginyan). Now the abolition of Armenia is being carried out by Anatolian Turks and the tribal formation centered in Baku, referred to as “Azerbaijanis”, who emerged by the decree of Stalin in 1936. A century ago, Turks along with the Kurds of Western Armenia played the same role in the two phases of the Armenian Genocide during 1915-1923, initially at the behest of Tsarist, and then Bolshevik Russia.

The Russians will not stop at Artsakh; the aggression will continue in the regions of RA, where Russian troops are located. The same scheme, implemented in 1916 in Van with Russian deceit, will work. It is the duty of Nikola and the robot-Serzh opposition to keep Armenia on the Russian track until the last moment.

Translated Vigen Avetisyan

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