The Italians In Search Of Noah’s Traces Found Traces Of The Horrors Of The Genocide

In the Italian town of Trichiana (Belluno Province, Veneto region), the screening of the “Mysterious Mountain” documentary took place on April 11. According to Bellunopress, the director of the film, Roberto Soramae, as well as writer and researcher Tito De Luca were present at the premiere.

For several years, they have searched for the traces of Noah’s ark on Ararat and instead found traces of the horrors that the Armenian people had survived.

Tito De Luca is a researcher and climber from Belluno. He has lived in Turkey for several years, searching for traces of the Flood. He has written several books under the Armenian pseudonym Azat Vartanyan – among them “Ararat – the mysterious mountain”, “The mysterious island of Lord Byron”, “Sacred flowers of Ararat”, as well as research on the alleged whereabouts of Noah’s ark.

Roberto Soramae has created several other films about Ararat as well, one of them being “Giants in the Clouds”.

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