Turkish Activist Urges to Expel Armenians from Turkey – Will There be a Real Response?

Turkish Activist

Discussions around the scandalous statement made by the representative of the ruling party of Turkey “Justice and Development Party” (AK Parti in Turkish) in the Başiskele district Süleyman Özkaraaslan continues.

Recall that some time ago on his Twitter page, he wrote:

“The Bulgarians who arrived in 1989, religiously-converted individuals (Islamized Jews) who arrived in 1950 from the city of Thessaloniki, and 100,000 Armenians illegally living in Turkey together with the arriving Syrians should be expelled. Do you agree?”

Özkaraaslan’s publication was criticized not only by many opposition figures but even by some of his party members for racist statements.

It became known that his note was submitted to the Disciplinary Council of the ruling party for discussion. The initiator of the process was the head of the provincial office of the AKP Mehmet Ellibesh. It is still unknown when the meeting of the party’s disciplinary council will take place.

Source: www.ermenihaber.am

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