Turks Disguise As Armenians And Alawites To Get Asylum In Germany

Recently, an unknown individual wrote “Die, Armenian seed” on the door of the apartment of 66-year-old single woman Kumri Akkay in Tunceli, Turkey, and left a bullet near the door. This incident was reported by milliyet.com.tr.

According to milliyet.com.tr, a police investigation revealed that the writing was made at the request of Yusuf Inan Akkay, the son of this woman.

The report also said that Akkay had taken steps to seek asylum in Germany. He has been in Germany since 2015 and introduced himself to the German authorities as an Alawite.

The physical safety of Alawites in Turkey is not guaranteed. All this happened against the background of an increase in racist sentiments in Turkey.

Earlier, the website westernarmeniatv.com reported that unknown individuals once again left racist inscriptions on the walls of Alawi houses. This time, the incident occurred in Istanbul. Someone left an “X” sign and the inscription “You will die” on the walls of three Alawi-owned apartments in a residential building in the Gazi district. The residents of these three apartments called the police upon spotting the writings. The police took fingerprints from the walls. Photos of these inscriptions were widely distributed on social networks.

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