An Exceptionally Rare Armenian Manuscript Featured in an American Museum

An Exceptionally Rare Armenian ManuscriptThe American FineBooks Magazine some time ago reported that the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art of Kansas City had acquired an exceptionally rare manuscript written and illustrated by a 17th-century Armenian manuscript illuminator Mesrop of Khizan (ca. 1560 – ca. 1652).

This manuscript named “London Gospel” bears immeasurable cultural value. It represents the faith and religious beliefs of the Armenians, as well as the outstanding craftsmanship of the manuscript illuminator.

After the acquisition, the manuscript was set to be presented to the open public in January 2017. For the very first time, the “London Gospel” was showcased in 1618 by the Armenian Surb Astvatsatsin Church in New Julfa, Persia.

Mesrop of Khizan was a master of medieval manuscripts. He was born in the Ottoman Empire but spent his whole life in Isfahan in Persia. Mesrop’s manuscripts are showcased in many museums across the world.

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