Map of the Armenia – XVI century – Tercia Asiae Tabula

Map of the Armenia - XVI century - Tercia Asiae TabulaTercia Asiae Tabula is the first modern atlas created by Martin Waldseemuller. Based on the translation of Matthias Ringmann, it is one of the most important copies of Ptolemy’s works, containing many new regional maps.

Tercia Asiae Tabula includes twenty new maps based on more modern knowledge, apart from the twenty-seven maps of Ptolemy from the Ulm edition of 1482. Waldseemuller and his partner Ringmann prepared the publication of this edition in part due to Lorraine Count Rena.

The work on the atlas was completed by Jacobus Eszler and Georgeous Abalone. The first map in the atlas is entirely devoted to America, often called the “Admiral Card” in honor of Columbus.

The map of Lorraine (the first map of the Duchy of Lorraine) printed in black, red, and olive colors is one of the earliest examples of color printing. The same edition was released in 1520, using already xylographic woodblock.

Title: Tercia Asiae Tabula (Armenia, etc.) (with the addition of early manuscripts). The creator of the map is Martin Waldeseemüller. Place and date: Lorraine, 1513. Description: A striking specimen of the Waldseemuller map of the region between the two seas, the Black and Caspian, with centered in Armenia.

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