Svetlana Kasyan – From Refugee To Opera Diva

Russian-Armenian opera singer and dramatic soprano Svetlana Kasyan is considered a sensation in the world of music, but her path to recognition was not easy. The interview below tells about the struggles of her family to overcome need and hunger.

As Kasyan said: “I am from a poor family and I know what hunger is and what it means to walk in old clothes. I have worked since the age of 11, trading sandals and carrots in the market.

Mom divided the bread into quarters between me, brother, and grandmother. Strangers brought us food, clothes, and other items. It was significant aid, and it forever became engraved in my memory.”

Kasyan gained fame after playing in Giacomo Puccini’s opera Tosca. She noted that her art is not a tribute to vanity but a service to God and people, and her goal is to show the world divine beauty.

Svetlana Kasyan was awarded the Order of St. Sylvester by Pope Francis. Pope Francis honored the singer several times after her performances in Italy.

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