A Descendant Of Armenian Genocide Survivors Intends To Make Claims To The Turkish Economic System

Armenian-American asset manager Mark Chenyan is a descendant of survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

Chenyan’s mother and father were born in Western Armenia. During the genocide against the Armenians in 1915, they were rescued by German and American missionaries. By the will of fate, they both ended up in Egypt.

In an interview with the Cyprus Mail newspaper, Mark Chenyan, telling about his family, noted that after two million Armenians became victims of genocide, two orphans raised in different families joined together to create their own family. Mark Chenyan’s mother has been a designer of wedding dresses, while his father has worked as an engineer.

Mark was born Nshan (means “sign” or “mark” in Armenian). After moving to the United States, he changed his name to Mark.

Mark Chenyan lived for decades in the United States, California, and worked as an asset manager and investment adviser. His office is in Beverly Hills, while his residence is in a short drive from Los Angeles.

The author of the article notes that three words were most often used in Mark Chenyan’s interview with Cyprus Mail – market, discipline, and Armenia. Mark Chenyan’s biography involves various positions related to the Armenian Business Forum and the Armenian Educational Fund.

Continuing the topic of genocide, Mark Chenyan noted that the property of the Armenians killed in 1915 was one of the main reasons why civilian Turks participated in the massacre. They would take possession of the property of the Armenians.


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