The Armenian Heritage Of The “Noosh” Brand – NutraIngredients-USA

The Armenian Heritage

NutraIngredients-USA – an American portal on healthy eating – has published an article about the Noosh brand run by Californian Armenians. This company produces almond-based organic food.

The post notes that the brand established in 2016 by Sarine Sahatjian has recently become very popular among Americans.

The word “Noosh” means “almonds” in Armenian. Almonds are often used in the preparation of traditional Armenian dishes. Thanks to its taste and nutritional value, almond oil and other products offered by the Armenian-Californian brand are now popular far beyond California.

NutraIngredients-USA writes that the family of Sarine Sahatjian arrived in California in the 1970s from Lebanon. Their ancestors had fled to Lebanon from the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian Genocide.

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