The Romanovs’ Diamond Throne Built by Astvatsatur Saltanian

The Romanovs' Diamond Throne

The artist of the Naryshkin chambers, Armenian prince Ivan (Bogdan) Saltanov (born Astvatsatur Saltanian) from the fortress of Jugha of the Nakhichevan district of Armenia built and presented the Diamond Throne to Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich Romanov.

Ivan Saltanov is considered the first ever designer in the world. He established the Art Academy in Moscow and was appointed the first architect of St. Petersburg by Peter the Great. The Diamond Throne was gifted to the royal court of Russia on behalf of the Armenian people on March 28, 1660, in the Kremlin.

26kg of gold, 5kg of silver, 897 diamonds, 1,298 corundum gems, 18,030 turquoise gems, ivory, and valuable wood were used in the manufacture of the Diamond Throne.

The throne was presented to the Russian Tsar by prince Zakhar Sahradian (Sarajev/Sarajian). On this throne, all the emperors of Russia of the 19th century were crowned. Now, this throne is stored in the Kremlin Armory.

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