Aratta – Excerpt from “Legend: The Genesis of Civilization” by David Rohl

Aratta – Excerpt from "Legend: The Genesis of Civilization” by David RohlIf Saggs’ hypothesis that Aratta was the ancestral homeland of at least some of the tribes inhabiting Sumer is correct, one of the possible reasons for the active migration of these tribes could be the noticeable increase in the population, which could no longer feed on the meager resources of the mountain valleys.

After leaving their ancient ancestral homeland, the tribes of Aratta found vast, sparsely populated lowlands abundant in water and convenient for farming on the plains of Sumer, the biblical land of Shinar.

The aliens built irrigation and transport channels there, turning the former marshy lowlands into fertile lands, where cities appeared at every step.

There is no doubt that Aratta was perceived by the Sumerians as a fantastically rich, almost magical land.

One scientist even called Aratta “Sumerian Eldorado”, a mythical half-real kingdom of dreams, fantasies, and ancient glory.

However, there can be no doubt that Aratta was a real place, the legendary status of which arose at a time when the era of heroes was already a thing of the past.

An extract from the book “Legend: The Genesis of Civilization” by David Rohl.

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