The Great Sphinx – Phenomenon of Earth Axis Precession

The Great Sphinx - Phenomenon of Earth Axis PrecessionAt the first time Armenians were in Egypt much earlier, perhaps, bout 12000 years ago, and built the Great Sphinx. My opinion is the Sphinx was built to perpetuate the another great scientific discovery, the phenomenon of Earth Axis Precession, the Great Space Clock of Equinoxes.

The Great Sphinx is Lion, the symbol of Armenian main God AR (the Sun), and it looks exactly to the East, to the point on horizon, where the Sun rises each equinox day. Why was needed this orientation? G.Hancock thinks that Sphinx was built in Precession epoch of Lion constellation, Le. between 10970 BC and 8810 BC (about 13000 -10800 years ago).

He says: ”The Lion was looking to the Lion!”. I can add: “And to the Sun, twice per year!”. According to modem data the Great Sphinx was built much earlier than Pyramids (more than 6000 years earlier) and may be even before the Great Deluge, because the stone material of Sphinx is much more erosioned than stones of Pyramids or temples near them.

Let me add that next Lion epoch will be between 14950 AD and 17110 AD. So the Great Sphinx is looking indeed to the very far future! To the question ”Who built the Sphinx?” many modern scientists answer that it was done by some very old and great civilization on the Earth, the place of which is unknown yet.

G.Hancock tells that French mathematician R.A.Shwaller de Lubich in his books “Temple de I’Home”, “Roi de la theocratic Pharaonique” (XX century AD) noted that the science and culture in Egypt were much more developed and complicated than the modern scientists think.

He tells also that well known geologist John A.West in his book ”The Serpent in the Sky” said that Egyptian civilization possibly is not the result of development in limits of the Nile Valley but is the heritage of much earlier, more great but still unknown civilization which “outstripped dynastic Egypt and all other famed civilizations for thousands years”.

And he said also that the Great Civilization, perhaps, preceded Great Deluge, which allow to suppose that Sphinx already existed at that time [24]. And G.Hancock said also the opinion of the famous American geologist R. Schoch: “I am going by the way of the science, which leads me to the dedication that Sphinx was made much earlier than it was deemed” .

I am glad that there are such opinions. I think that the said ”unknown yet the Oldest and Great Civilization” might be only Armenian Old Civilization in Armenia, because there is the developed Karahunj of 7500 years old and there are no other variants.

An extract from the book “Armenians and Ancient Armenia” by Paris Heoruni.

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