“Lazy Huri” – Animated Film Based on Hovhannes Tumanyan’s Tale

Lazy Huri” – Animated Film

On June 1, 2016, the animated film “Lazy Huri” based on the eponymous tale of the great Armenian poet and writer Hovhannes Tumanyan was released in Armenia. The tale tells about the ridiculous misadventures of loafer Huri whose mother married her off to a merchant.

The animated film’s director Arthur Mikaelyan said that the team had worked on the film for four years.

“At the end of 2013, some financial difficulties arose which caused the project’s suspension. In 2014, the international organization “Indigo” organized crowdfunding which allowed us to raise the necessary financial resources to continue the shooting. In 2016, we finally managed to bring what we had started to the end,” Mikaelyan said.

He noted that the idea to shoot an animated film based on Tumanyan’s fairy tale “Lazy Huri” originated in 2010 in his student years. “And when the opportunity came, we immediately started creating the animated film,” the director said.

According to Mikaelyan, animation is a difficult job – one second of screen time takes about 10-15 drawings. “This is quite difficult, especially given that we severely lack animation artists,” Mikaelyan added.

“We have already presented the animated film at several festivals, including the Arpa Film Festival which was held in the US,” the director said.

Talking about further creative plans, the director noted that his team has three animated projects in mind. One of them will be selected after discussions. “We will announce the upcoming project in the fall,” added Mikaelyan

Lazy Huri (English subtitles) Անբան Հուռին/ Anban Hurin // 2017 [FULL HD] – Official

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