Armenian artillery shells enemy positions near Baku – September 1918

After 1915, the number of Armenians in the western part of Armenia was equal to zero, and it was about the transfer of Historical Armenia to the legal successor in the person of the Ottoman Empire.

Young Turks, natives of Baku, claimed that the Turks, on this land, accounted the majority, and therefore they are rightfully the legal successors.

In the same region, in the Eastern part of Armenia (Elizavetpol – Gandzak province), Armenians accounted for 45%, and Caucasian Tatars 15%, the rest of the inhabitants were representatives of other peoples.

At the same time, the British tried to maintain the existing balance and help the Armenians, of course, taking into account the lucrative oil industry.

In order to get to Baku, it would be enough to use the potential of the Armenian officer headquarters of Gandzak.

The British wrote in their archives that the Armenians are divided into several camps, they do not come to a common denominator, they even fight against each other, as a result of which the situation becomes unmanageable.

If we would then be united and move in the same direction with one idea, today no one would say that we encroached on “foreign” lands, and in parliament we would have several deputies from Tatars, Kurds, Yezidis, Lezghins, asaris, gypsies.

Sukias Torosyan Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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