Crime Photo Chronology – The Red Army Invasion of Armenia

Crime Photo Chronology

A photo that captures the most symbolic fact of Russian-Turkish friendship. In this train car located in Kars on October 13, 1921, the Kemalists and the Bolsheviks concluded the notorious Kars Treaty.

On the wall of the car is an excerpt from the appeal of the Russian 11th Red Army addressed to the Turkish commander of the Eastern Front Kazim Karabekir Pasha.

Nearly a hundred years ago, on March 16, 1921, Soviet Russia and Turkey concluded the notorious Treaty of Friendship and Brotherhood which went down in history as the Moscow Treaty.

In the photo is the Russian 11th Red Army in the streets of the capital of Armenia.

On November 29, 1920, the 11th Red Army accompanied by the Armenian Revolutionary Military Committee established in Baku under the leadership of Bolshevik Kasyan invaded Armenia. The last stage of the occupation of the First Republic began.

A no less interesting photograph of the Bolshevik collaborators.

Kasyan, Mravian, Gabrielyan, Dovlatyan, Avis, Bekzadyan – the executioners of the First Republic of Armenia who supported the Russians and the Turks. It was they who, as part of the Armenian Revolutionary Military Committee, accompanied the invasion of the 11th Red Army from Azerbaijan to Armenia.

David Fidanyan

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