Graham Hancock – The Ancient Observatory Karahunj is 12.000 years old (Video)

Graham Hancock - The Ancient Observatory KarahunjRecently was presented the film “Karktik” (Քարկտիկ, Qarktik) by director Nikolay Davtyan. The film describes an interpretation of the ancient Armenian game Karktik, as well as presents studies and remarkable data about Armenian ancestors and their knowledge.

According to the authors of the film, what is shown to the audience is not an exaggeration. Rather, the film tells that some knowledge of the ancient Armenian ethnos was lost, while the rest reached us in the form of books from dusty cabinets

“After watching the movie, you will learn how to play Kartktik, and you will also understand that our ancestors have invested wisdom in all the ancient games that need to be learned.

For example, the game tells us that there exists the constellation of Orion, a unique indicator of time. Imagine that there are no computers, no Internet: how can you measure time in such conditions? Our ancestors measured time without the Internet using constellations,” said Nikolay Davtyan at the press conference.

The film is dedicated to the recent visit of the famous writer and journalist Graham Hancock to Armenia. Hancock has traveled the world to explore the language, culture, and literature of the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, and many other ancient tribes and peoples.

The search for the citadel of civilizations brought him to Armenia for the first time in 2014. At the invitation of an independent civilian explorer Vazgen Gevorkian, Hancock visited the ancient settlements of Metsamor, Agarak, Ukhtasar, Karahunj observatory, and Tatev Monastery. He would announce that the key to hidden civilizations is in Armenia.

Գրեմ Հենկոկի այցի մասին` «Քարկտիկ» ֆիլմում

In Hancock’s last book, an entire chapter is dedicated to Armenia. He writes that Armenia is the bearer of ancient culture and knowledge.

Hancock’s latest visit to Armenia was in August 2015. His group consisting of more than 20 specialists investigated the territory of the ancient Karahunj Observatory to study the sky with the help of Karahunj and ancient techniques used by the ancestors of Armenians.

According to Vazgen Gevorkian, the participants of the expedition wanted to make sure that Karahunj is an ancient observatory.

“In ancient times, our ancestors used the constellation of Orion to measure time precisely. Mayas, Aztecs, Egyptians, Sumerians also used the constellation Orion. The stele of Tatev, also known as the Swinging Staff, is associated with the Orion constellation. It is also the indicator of the constellation that is based on ancient knowledge of astronomy.

Տաթեւի սյան մասին` «Քարկտիկ» ֆիլմում

“Our goal was to confirm that Karahunj is the oldest observatory in the world. As a result of our investigation, we confirmed that the 63rd stone of Karahunj is an accurate indicator of Orion.

Imagine that the stones hole is directly aimed at the three stars of Orion. This is an indicator that cannot be considered a coincidence. Therefore, Karahunj is the oldest observatory in the world. According to Greg Hancock, the complex is 12.000 years old,” said Vazgen Gevorkian.

Graham Hancock in his report stated that the Neolithic ritual complex known as Portasar (modern Göbekli Tepe) in the territory of modern Turkey also belongs to Armenian culture and resembles Karahunj, which in turn confirms that the ancestors of Armenians were carriers and spreaders of astronomy.

“Graham Hancock established the time when Karahunj had been built based on the changes in the positions of stars. It takes 26.000 years for Orion to do one rotation on the sky.

Hancock was guided by stellar programs and collaborated with professionals. I also addressed the astronomers of the Novosibirsk Academy of Geodesy who confirmed the date from an ‘astrological point of view.’ It is confirmed that this program method is accurate and determines the exact date,” said Vazgen Gevorkian.

Gevorkian also said that Graham Hancock recently talked about Karahundj during a seminar in Canada.

Hancock’s Facebook page is followed by over 300.000 people. One of the photos of Karahunj was liked by more than 2000 users and was shared by over 400 people. In addition, the books of the researcher have been highly rated by the readers. His books have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

We should add that “Karktik” (Քարկտիկ, Qarktik) is not a commercial film. It will soon be available on YouTube.


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