Henry Ford to Alex Manoogian: “Young Man, You Will Go Far”

Henry Ford to Alex ManoogianAlex Manoogian presented the world with the first single-handle faucet. Today, the whole world uses the brilliant invention of the Armenian philanthropist.

At the very beginning of this career, Manoogian made his first large orders for Henry Ford, for which Ford praised him: “Young man, you will go far.” This phrase has become prophetic.

In 1929, Manoogian founded his own company, Masco Corporation, which a few years later became transnational. Today, the Manoogian family owns about 7% of the shares of Masco Corporation. This is enough to control the company and to ensure the inheritance of its presidency. Today, the position of its honorary chairman is held by Richard Manoogian.

For some perspective, the company, having an annual turnover of about $11 billion, produces more than a million mixers per month.

Alex Manoogian was the President of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) for many years. He taught Armenian at evening courses as well.

He was married to Marie Tatian. He died in 1996. The residence of the Mayor of Detroit is named after Alex Manoogian. One of the streets of Yerevan was named in his honor as well.


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