King Zarmayr Haykazuni – Ancient Armenia

Zarmayr Haykazuni (Armenian: Զարմայր Հայկազունի) was the 29th king of Ancient Armenia from the Haykazuni dynasty. He ruled in 1192-1180 BC.

During his reign, Zarmayr brought his army to Troy to help the king of Troy Priam to defend it.

He died by the walls of Troya. His death caused great unrest in Armenia and left no hope of liberation from Assyrian influence.

During the Trojan War, Zarmayr fought side by side with Hector, the son of Priam. After Achilles had killed Hector, Zarmayr fought against him in revenge but was wounded and killed in the battle.

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7 thoughts on “King Zarmayr Haykazuni – Ancient Armenia”

  1. Haik Assatrian

    Yes, I remember my dad reading it to me when I was a child: 95% of Armenians have never heard about him; however he is featured in the Art film “Romans Armenians and the coming of the Messiah” (only Armenian movie on IMAX)…He is on the official poster….

  2. Haik Assatrian

    In Homer’s Iliad he is mentioned under a different name; There was a fierce battle over his body between the Trojans and the Greeks; Zeus, who may have been his father, took his body from the battlefield and ordered either Apollo or Hermes to deliver him for burial back to his homeland….

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