Maxim Gorky – Trip to Armenia

Maxim Gorky – Trip to Armenia

Memory resurrects the tragic history of Armenia of the late 19th – early 20th centuries, the massacre in Constantinople, the Sasun massacre, the “great murderer”, and the vile indifference of the Christians of “cultural” Europe which they expressed towards the extermination of their “brothers in Christ”.

The shameful act of the plunder of the church property of Armenia by the (Russian) autocratic government, the horrors of the Turkish invasion of recent years – it is difficult to recall all the tragedies experienced by this energetic people.

It is amazing how “humanists”, idealists, and defenders of the “culture” based on greed, envy, slavery, and the cynical extermination of the masses surprisingly quickly and deftly forget the facts of this kind.

The lies and hypocrisy of the defenders of this “culture” are deep in blood and dirt and relate to obvious insanity, to a crime that does not have a worthy punishment.

“Our achievements” M., 1929, No. 1, p. 81

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