The Armenian Church of the Holy Host

The Armenian Church of the Holy HostThe loss of political independence was aggravated by the division of Armenia between two mentally opposed civilizations. At that time, the Armenian clergy took over the implementation of broader functions than purely religious ones.

The church was involved in various spheres of public life: it initiated the establishment of educational centers, represented the interests of the nation during diplomatic negotiations, supported the army, and led the liberation movement.

The drama of the situation in which the Armenian people found themselves in led to a very special trend of not only journalistic but also architectural thought. Only in Armenia can one meet churches dedicated to the Holy Heavenly Host.

Earliest such buildings date back to the middle of the 5th century and are distinguished by their unique architecture. One church of the Holy Host situated 160 kilometers east of Yerevan fully meets the architectural standards developed for such structures.

The church building does not have a characteristic dome, as well as a prayer room. The place of ordinary chapels is occupied by a “vow area” – a territory bounded by rectangular stonework around the temple where Armenian soldiers took their allegiance oaths.

The ritual was obligatory and was performed before each new battle or campaign. The church itself is located on the edge of the picturesque gorge of the Yeghegis River in the rim of high mountains.

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