The Kingdom or country of “Georgia”

The Kingdom or country of “Georgia” was first established after the 16th Century. Even right up until 1573, that region was shown as either Colchis, Iberia, or Armenia on ancient maps.

Especially on ancient Ortelius maps. From the 13th to 14th century, the region was known as ‘Maritime Armenia’.

The ancient Churches you find in Georgia built by the Armenian Bagratuni dynasty are identical to ancient Armenian Churches, but the Bagratuni’s used a slightly different Armenian script than the Armenian script found in Armenia.

The modern-day Georgians use an entirely different alphabet, and their letters are almost identical to the old medieval Sasanian letters.

Another reason why many Georgians have Persian-sounding surnames. It is not unlikely that they speak the language of the Parthians or Khazars, who both are historically known for originating from the ancient Armenian Kingdoms.

Colchis in modern-day Georgia is an extremely important region. It was filled with gold in ancient times and was home to ancient giants with elongated skulls.

I believe it was these ancient giants that first traveled to Peru and Mesoamerica from Colchis and Van (Armenia), which was named ‘Americ’ on maps during the middle ages.

I believe the Native Americans and their epics about white giants and Gods arriving from the sea are about certain ancient civilizations from Armenia.


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