Akhalkalaki Fortress Used As A Cowshed

Some time ago, the territory of the Akhalkalaki fortress was cleared and closed to cows. Before that, the fortress had served as a cowshed for many years. However, recently, grazing cows have again been noticed in the territory of the fortress.

Last year, on Europe Day, a cleanup was held in the Akhalkalaki fortress, in which the representatives of municipal authorities and a delegation of the EU Embassy in Georgia participated.

Earlier, restoration projects of the fortress had been repeatedly mentioned at different levels, starting from province authorities and ending with the National Agency for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites. Specific dates for the projects’ commencement had even been mentioned.

However, these plans were canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, or there may also be some other reasons that are not yet clear. Nonetheless, research on the territory of the fortress has not been done, and restoration works have not started either.

Meanwhile, the fortress is one of the main historical monuments in Akhalkalaki and is associated with the establishment of the city.


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