Ancient Burial Grounds Found In Van Province

In the province of Van, Historical Armenia, a human skeleton aged 2700 years was unearthed.

During excavations carried out on a mound north of the Fortress of Van, a headless female skeleton was discovered. The remains belong to a resident of the ancient Armenian Kingdom of Van.

For several years, a group of Turkish archaeologists has been carrying out excavations in the area where the Armenian Kingdom of Van existed several thousand years ago.

In 2017, at the bottom of Lake Van, scientists discovered the ruins of a castle that was built about 3000 years ago. Archaeologists regularly find artifacts dating back to the period of the ancient Kingdom of Van in the territory of Historical Armenia.

As a reminder, the Van Kingdom (Urartu) was one of the most powerful states of the Ancient world. It was located in Southwest Asia in the territory of the Armenian Highlands. It ceased to exist in the 6th century BC.


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