They Fell – The Armenian Genocide That Took 1.5 Million Lives

Today is the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. On April 24, hundreds of thousands of Armenians in Armenia visit the Armenian Genocide memorial complex Tsitsernakaberd in Yerevan to lay flowers at the eternal flame.

The 1915 Armenian Genocide, the most terrifying page of the Armenian history, is related to WWI.

Taking advantage of the war, the criminal government of the Young Turks along with German specialists carried out mass killings of Armenians. Apart from Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, and other Christian peoples also greatly suffered in those years.

Many Armenian males were drafted into the Turkish army but weren’t even armed. Isolating the fathers and brothers from the family, the Turks easily killed their wives, sisters, children, grandparents. Men would also meet the same fate.

Under the pretext of deportation, many families were exiled to distant corners of the Empire. Many people died on the way from thirst, hunger, and cold. About 1.5 million Armenians were killed in the Armenian Genocide.

AZNAVOUR: They Fell – Ils sont Tombés – Onlar düştü – Նրանք ընկավ

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