Aytsemnik, a young Armenian female commander

Aytsemnik was a young Armenian female commander in the year 1126 AD. She was one of many women who held important positions in the great city of Ani:

The city of 1001 churches, in historic Armenia. What makes the city great was not its grand architecture or its wealth, but its progressive society.

Aytsemnik and the men & women of that great city constantly fought off aggressors and invaders. Protecting their beloved city to the very end.

In the 12th century, the city of Ani was progressive enough to have women as bankers, merchants, and warrior generals.

Over 30 Illustrations were created for Aytsemnik. Countless hours of work with multiple sketches, writing, editing, and voice-over as well as research. See more: GP Vahan

Aytsemnik: Watch video on youtube

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