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Quotes of Haruki MurakamiSometimes it is difficult to find words that would precisely describe our condition. We can experience a lot of emotions at the same time, but be unable to distinguish all of them. Human soul is very versatile and unique. But there are people who are able to touch the important strings of the heart.

And one of these people is Haruki Murakami, a Japanese writer famous for his unique works. We would like to share some of his deep meaning quotes.

• Profession must initially be an act of love, not a marriage of convenience. And before it’s too late, do not forget that the work of life is not a job, but the life itself.

• World without love is like a wind outside the window. You can’t touch it nor breathe it.

• I used to think that people mature from year to year, very slowly… And it turned out to be false. A person matures instantly.

• Spring is the very best time of year to start something new.

• There are no misconceptions in life. There are opinions that do not coincide with ours, that’s all.
• We share our fears hugging each other.

• Errors are punctuation marks of life. Without those, as in the text, there is no meaning.
• No matter how hard you try, you will be in pain if you are hurt.

• It is necessary to empty out our feelings. Otherwise, emotions will accumulate, harden inside and eventually die.

• I do not like loneliness. I am just not looking for some extra acquaintance in order to be away from disappointment.

• Apparently, the heart is hidden in a hard shell and not everyone can split it. Maybe that’s why I don’t really feel love.

• Be honest with each other and wish to help, because that’s what is important.
• Any void is required to be filled with something.

• Our entire existence consists of an endless struggle between reality and what we do not want to remember.

• The most important thing is not that others thought of, but something small which you discovered yourself.

• If you look from afar, everything seems beautiful.

• A memory is what warms a person from inside and at the same time tears him apart.

• Moving in the wrong direction is worse than not moving at all.

• If everything goes the way you want, life will become boring.

• Those who want to come into my life are free to do so, but there are general rules for all guests coming in. Wipe your feet and close the door.

• If you have no one to share your thoughts with, your thoughts will “share” you with each other.

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