Armenia in a 1710 Atlas

Armenia in a 1710 AtlasIn 1705-10, a renowned French cartographer, scientist, and writer Henri Chatelain in cooperation with Nicolas Gueudeville published a monumental work named “Atlas Historique, Ou Nouvelle Introduction A l’Histoire, à la Chronologie & à la Géographie Ancienne & Moderne” (“Historical atlas and new introduction to the history, chronology, ancient & modern geography”).

Considered a brief geographic and historical encyclopedia back in the time, this piece has been subsequently repeatedly republished.

One of the 1710 volumes of the atlas has a separate page titled “Views and descriptions of main cities of Armenia.” As the name implies, this section of the atlas features brief descriptions of several Armenian cities.

Interestingly, despite Armenia not having sovereignty at the time of the atlas’ publication, it was still considered a separate region by the Europeans.

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