Armenia on the British World Map – 1919

Armenia on the British World Map – 1919

The World Atlas of 1919 published in Great Britain lists the legal boundaries of the Republic of Armenia which were internationally recognized prior to 1920 the Arbitral Decision of US President Woodrow Wilson.

According to the Woodrow Wilson Arbitral Decision, four of the eight regions of the western part of Armenia were to be included in the Republic of Armenia.

Note that on the British map, the Republic of Armenia includes not only Kars, Igdir, Nakhichevan, and Artsakh, but also Gardman (a significant part of Utik reaching Gandzak). And the eastern border of the Republic of Armenia, according to the world map published in the UK, reached the Kura River.

Submitted by Ruben Shukhyan and Gevork Nazaryan

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