The Unique Document of the Emir of Mecca from 1917: “Help the Armenians How You Would Help Your Brothers”

The Unique Document of the Emir of Mecca

We present to your attention a unique document from 1917 written by the Emir of the city of Mecca Hussein ibn Ali al-Hashimi. In it, His Highness appealed to the Arabs to help the Armenians. The statement of the emir is stored in the Hashemite court of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

“In the name of the Most Merciful God, praise be to the Single God,

On behalf of Hussein bin Ali, King of the Arab country, Emir of Mecca, Prince Faisal, and Abdul Aziz Al-Jarba…

In the name of Most Merciful Allah and our prophet Muhammad, we are addressing our Arab brothers from Umm al-Qura (Mecca) on the 18th Rajab of 1336 to take Armenian refugees in their families, to share with them their belongings – camels, food, shelter, blankets – and share everything that you have in excess, and everything that you can give to people.

Winter is ahead of us. Refugees from the Armenian Yakovits Community will probably need warmth. Help them how you would help your brothers. Pray for these people who have been expelled from their homes and left homeless and devoid of livestock and all their property.

May the Most Merciful Allah bless you!”

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