We Are All Armenians

We Are All ArmeniansWith or without “yan” in the end of our surnames. People who are either 100% or 1% Armenian.

Children who were adopted and accepted into Armenian families, or wives and husbands who married representatives of our community.

People who are in Armenia and who are scattered throughout the globe. Immigrants in the fifth-generation and even in the fifteenth.

Those who speak and don’t speak Armenian. Leftists, rightists, or centrists. Those who serve and sacrifice, and those who have not yet found their place. People of all religions and beliefs. Christians (like many of us) or Muslims (like our sisters and brothers Hemshin Armenians).

Partly Kurds, partly Assyrians, partly anyone, you are absolutely one part of your heritage, one hundred percent Armenian!

Armenians by birth, by choice, by citizenship, by spirit, by partnership. Even by chance.

We are all Armenians.

Each of us for countless reasons and sometimes as mysterious as the stars brings something unique to the Armenian identity.

This is us, with open arms around the world and with all our wonders and variety. We have our special place among the family of peoples, possessing such a huge contribution to the rich history written on the canvas of human civilization.

We are Armenians and we stand together as proudly as the sons and daughters of our ancient family stood, believing and building a bright and magnificent future for themselves and all of humanity.

Aram Khamparyan, the executive director of the ANCA (Armenian National Committee of America).

3 thoughts on “We Are All Armenians

  1. Hello,
    Where can I find the true story about Armeniers and their historical spread-out, wisdom and masonry. The genocidal attempt of the Turk and why this killing was accepted throughout global leading countries at that moment in time?
    Thank you for your references…
    Patrick franck citizen of this amazing planet Earth

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