The Secret of Longevity of Armenian Nation

Mesrop Mashtots - Armenian Alphabet and the SecretFalsification of Armenia’s history isn’t something new. In different times for different reasons it has been falsified, but lately the range of the alteration of facts has quite expanded.

The process of falsification of Armenian historical facts has been commenced by United Kingdom which had had rich experience with it in regard to its colonies. Then it has been picked up by Germany. The reasons for such actions depended on the policy of the given state.

At the beginning of the 20th century policy of such countries as UK, Germany, Russia, Ottoman Empire (either of which had some contribution into Armenian history’s falsification at different times), and others led to World War I.

After the end of the war old those empires broke up, and falsification of Armenian history was temporarily suspended. As soon as Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic established as a part of the Soviet Union, the alteration of facts has been resumed in a greater scope.

Falsification of Armenian history would have carried on if not partly for development of technology and methods with which it has become possible to accurately determine indigenism and migration of nations, though it hasn’t come to a stop in this particular case.

Not long ago everything of Armenian origin on the territory of modern Turkey has been introduced as Turkish, but now some territories of Armenian Highlands are indulgently called Anatolia, which is some kind of softer falsification.

The incorrect perception of history caused by educational system of USSR might have been the one of the bases of the opportunity of falsification. Students weren’t required to understand history, they were simply required to memorize as much data as possible.

Most of the lecturers didn’t even care if anyone got the actual message of historical events. Whether that was part of USSR’s policy or just ignorance of the teachers, it has facilitated the process of falsification.

Obviously, Armenians were and are not satisfied with such approach as it threatens the identity and national security of Armenian nation. Fortunately, it is not in any way easy to alter the real image of Armenians thanks to indisputable historical evidence.

An example of that evidence is the Armenian writing which keeps facts of nation’s rich ancient history. The foundation of Armenian writing is the Armenian alphabet which can be truly considered a miracle, aiding Armenians to hold their individuality, develop and get through hardships of history. If not for the alphabet, Armenian nation might have ceased to exist long ago.

During attacks on Armenian communities, literature has been one of the primary values to save. People realized the significance of Armenian knowledge and history back then. Armenians living today indeed have been saved by the heroic effort of their ancestors to save their identity, and their gratitude is impossible to express with words.

Մեսրոպ Մաշտոց (Մաս 1)

Մեսրոպ Մաշտոց (Մաս 2, նաև անդրադարձ Մարտի 1-ի դեպքերին)

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