Fortresses & Monasteries – Monuments of Ancient Armenia (Video)

Fortresses & Monasteries - MonumentsA mere video or photo cannot convey the true picture of an architectural structure or surrounding nature even if captured by a high-class professional.

And not because they are badly filmed or something is missing. Rather, it is because the video does not convey the fullness of sensations dependent on sounds and smells that can’t be picked up by a camera. And smells and sounds both are strong catalysts for memories.

Overall, all this creates a picture of unforgettable impressions of visiting one or another place. But be that as it may, today, video is the most advanced tool for virtual travel.

And naturally, when choosing a video, we focus on the ones that are good and have high quality. To your attention, we offer at once three videos describing the beauty of nature, as well as the fortresses, monasteries, and monuments of ancient Armenia.

The absence of smells and other details is well compensated by the selection of accompanying music.

Tatev monastery, Spandaryan Reservoir and Nexuc church: Part 1

Amberd Fortress, Shaki Waterfall & Qarahunj: Part 2

Saghmosavank, Khosrov & Goris/Kndzoresk caves: Part 3

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