The Morals of Ancient Armenians (+Video)

The Morals of Ancient Armenians (+Video)The prosperity of the society and the power of a country built on that prosperous society depends on the morals within the society. The morals of the society are based on the position of an individual in the society, on the relationships between individuals, and the relations between an individual with the society that makes the system a state.

If the priorities in a society are set appropriately, then such a society rapidly develops and quickly gains the power so necessary for the protection from the foreigners who are often hostile and pursue to destroy that prosperous society.

It appears that the ancient inhabitants of the Armenian Highlands have been able to set priorities appropriately. Merely the size of the ancient Armenian Kingdom once located in the Armenian Highlands testifies to this. After all, it has been almost ten times larger than the modern Republic of Armenia.

The film presented below allows us to compare the morals of the ancient and modern Armenian societies including. It should be noted that comparing the morals of modern inhabitants of the Armenian Highlands to the morals of ancient peoples of the region is as impossible as getting to the stars on foot.

One of the disciples of Confucius asked the master: “Tell me, master, what is necessary for a society to strengthen itself and become a state?” Confucius answered: “Food, weapons, and trust within the society are necessary.”

The disciple asked further: “Master, if it is necessary to surrender something, what can we give up on for the state not to collapse?” Confucius answered: “The food could be given up on.”

The disciple asked again: “Master, if further distress comes, can we give up on something else but on the condition that the state remains relatively unharmed?” Confucius answered: “Weapons could be given up on.”

“Master, can a state exist without trust?” Confucius answered: “The existence of a society itself is impossible without trust, let alone the existence of the state. A society can live on without food and can survive without weapons, but without trust, a society will inevitably die out.”

And that’s true. Armenians are among those who should be well acquainted with that fact. And the continuous war in Artsakh is a great testimony to that. But what does the Armenian society lack to become a prosperous and powerful state? That’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

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