Notes of a Witness of the Armenian Genocide – “Four Years Beneath the Crescent”

Notes of a Witness of the Armenian GenocideBy virtue of circumstances, Venezuelan “soldier of fortune” Rafael de Nogales Méndez became a witness and a participant of the Armenian Genocide, the first apparent modern ethnic cleansing, committed by the ruling elite of Turkey during World War I.

Conscience and guilt did not allow him to remain silent. In the “Four Years Beneath the Crescent” book, Nogales told the world about one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

He tore off the mask of the organizers of the genocide, showing that the Young Turks ruling the Ottoman Empire, the members of the Masonic Committee “Unity and Progress” Talaat, Enver, and Jemal did not pursue any patriotic ideas but rather robbed their population, which was a plan for seizing political and economic power in Turkey by Dönmeh (crypto-Jews who purposely and publicly converted to Islam).

The book was published in Venezuela in the 1920s. It became a bibliographic rarity because it was soon destroyed. Previously, many tried to assassinate the author as he had been a witness of the Armenian Genocide. The first time the book was translated into Russian was in 2006, when “Russkiy Vestnik” translated the 1936 second edition borrowed from Venezuela.

Here You can read the book in Russian

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