The Victory Of Ashot Yerkat In The Battle At Lake Sevan

In 921, Armenian king Ashot Yerkat (Iron), having only 70 Armenian archers at his disposal, defeated the large army of General Yusuf Amir Beshir in the Battle of Sevan.

The battle took place on the eastern shore of the island in Lake Sevan. A small Armenian detachment in 11 boats led by the king attacked the army of Beshir. 10th-century Armenian historian Hovhannes Draskhanakerttsi noted that almost every arrow fired by Armenian archers hit the target, adding:

“The Armenians were mainly aiming at the eyes of Beshir’s soldiers, so many of them would remain one-eyed, and many were more seriously injured. And the enemy, unable to resist the deadly stream of arrows, fled in horror.”

Then, overcoming the resistance of the enemy, Ashot Yerkat secured the borders of the kingdom of Bagratuni. Ashot II (B) was nicknamed “Iron” for his courage.

Gevork Nazaryan

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