The War of the Russo-Turkish Tandem Against Armenia

The War of the Russo-Turkish Tandem Against ArmeniaIt would be great to show this video (more specifically, the segment after the 39th minute) to everyone who tries to argue that Russia saved Armenians from the Turks.

The fact that the archives of the SPD (State Political Directorate of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) and the KGB (also known as Committee for State Security of the Soviet Union) are classified does not mean that human memory and alternative archives do not exist.

Such backwardness of a Russian state is not so surprising. After all, the serfdom ceased to exist in Russia after the British railway connecting all countries of Europe had been built. Back then, Russia could catch up to the European countries, but now, the gap is so enormous that it would take a couple of hundreds of years. Armenia lags behind no less, but unlike Russia, it is capable of quick recovery thanks to the creative genius of Armenians.

The only contradiction in the video is about the Bolsheviks allegedly annexing most of Armenia to the USSR. It is enough to look at the map presented in the video to understand who benefited from the series of massacres committed by the Turks and initiated under world powers such as Germany, England, the Russian Empire, and later the Russian Republic.

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Yerevan (The Capital older than Rome) Concerning this topic (The War of the Russo-Turkish Tandem Against Armenia), watch from 39.40 minutes

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  1. Dear compatriot !
    I watched the 39th minute, are you trying to fool us…!!?
    Those Russians were not Russians ….but Bolcheviks with german origins…So very logical That they sign a séparate peace with their german brothers in Brest-Litovsk in 1917 …And then help “their friend” Mustapha Kemal to progress in Anatolia.
    The ones were not russians, the other une was not turk . 😃
    Don’t forget that Leon Trotsky was very well recieved by Mustapha Kemal when he leaved Stalin’s USSR …Christians Russians had always protec the armenians.
    It costs a lot but there is a protection .

  2. Only Russia ?

    Russia sells weapons to evertbody , it’s just buisness .
    Everything is under control événements in case of war.

    1. Yes, Russia supplies 80% of weapons and is the catalyst for war. Tell this to those parents who lost their children in April 2016, during the next aggression of Azerbaijan. You are very mistaken. Or deliberately trying to be misleading.

  3. I don’t want to be irrespectuous at all :
    If Russia do not sell weapons, an other country will sell to Azerbaïdjan…like this Russia can control all the region around .
    It’s better Russia control as they control the borders, than an another country .

    1. It’s a lie. None of the leading countries sells weapons to Azerbaijan. Israel does not count. This country is an aggressor, such as Turkey, like Russia. And he is sufficiently engaged in the propaganda of the Kremlin. Here is No fools.

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