The Epilogue of Victor Krivopuskov’s Book “Rebellious Karabakh”

The Epilogue of Victor Krivopuskov’s Book “Rebellious Karabakh”“Pan-Turkists didn’t manage to snatch the immense vastness of the Great Turan from the Soviet Union during its dissolution only because the soldiers of Karabakh stood in their ways to death, just like the Greeks in Thermopylae or the Russian nation in Stalingrad have done.”

 Editor’s note: we highlighted the phrases “soldiers of Karabakh” and “Russian nation” because those statements are not entirely true. “Soldiers of Karabakh” and “Armenians” is the same thing because Karabakh is an Armenian land. As for “Russian nation”, not only Russians but all Soviet peoples participated in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Armenians withstood despite the critical imbalance of the forces, irrecoverable losses, and extreme stress of the war. The first attack (an uncovered one!) of the new contenders for world dominance was prevented. The breakthrough into the low-populated and almost defenseless, as pan-Turkists assumed, Russia was blocked.

The Islamists were stopped right in the first round of WWIII. Patching their broken noses, pan-Turkists had to retreat from the boxing ring to attempt to achieve their goals through other, devious ways. However, these events go beyond the notes of Victor Krivopuskov, which we are so glad to cover.

Andrey Nuykin, February 2013

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Commentary of Allinnet

At the beginning of April 2016, Azerbaijani forces (Islamist forces preaching pan-Turkism per se) attacked Armenia and Artsakh again. Like before, Armenian soldiers protected their land to death, ultimately stopping the offense. Young soldiers of the army of the Republic of Artsakh took the most of the impact. With time, the seasoned soldiers of the past conflicts also joined them.

A 70 years old shepherd shot down a UAV while a 19 years old soldier took down an enemy helicopter.

Like in the 90s, the forces were uneven. During the April War, the pan-Turkic forces possessed modern weaponry and equipment while the army of Armenia and Artsakh only had Soviet weaponry straight from the 80s.

Just like in the 90s, having suffered heavy losses, the enemy hysterically begged the center (Kremlin) to cease the operation. Paradoxically, it was Russia that has armed and continues to arm pan-Turkists and Islamists. In fact, Russia was the organizer of the assault on Armenia and Artsakh.

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