Usub Bek Temuryants in the Heroic Pages of History

Usub Bek Temuryants in the Heroic Pages of HistoryUsub Bek Temuryants participated in the heroic Battle of Sardarapat in 1918, was a member of the parliament of the First Armenian Republic, a major political, national, and military leader. Since 1896, he has been the leader of the Yezidis of the Transcaucasia.

Back in the days, he strengthened the friendly ties between the Armenian and Yezidi peoples and served the great goal of restoring and establishing Armenian statehood.

Usub Bek died on January 12, 1934, in Shamiram. Only after Armenia left the USSR was it possible to ascertain the truth and appreciate the life and work of the great son of the Yezidi people. In 2007, a school in the village of Shamiram was named in honor of Usub Bek.

“Yezidis are the only people who shared with the Armenians both tragic fateful events and triumphant days. We still have a lot to do in order to take our heroes out of the depths of history and introduce them to society,” said historian Aram Ananyan.

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